Dr. Bhargav Marthambadi graduated from IAU in December 2015 and matched at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences South Central Family Medicine program in 2016, located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Currently, he is completing a Dermatology rotation in his second year of residency.

What do you like most about your program
I get exposure to all areas of medicine. Especially ER. Also, it’s a mix of rural and urban medicine. Being a family practitioner, I perform deliveries which I enjoy.

What is your typical day like?
My day begins with morning report. Afterwards, I go see my patients and attend teaching rounds. Then we have noon conference, see patients, and evening sign out reports. Usually the day is a mix between inpatient and outpatient clinic services. We also have 1-2 days of ER weekly. Our service hours add up to 70-80 hours weekly.

What do you plan on doing after residency?
I’ll probably work as a Hospitalist. I may consider transitioning into Primary Care a few years down the road.

Where do you plan on practicing?
Somewhere in the south, I really enjoy the weather down here.

Any particular aspect of medicine that Sparks your interest?
High acuity situations and cases, ie emergency medicine and critical care.

How did IAU help you prepare for residency?
Attending IAU helped me create a great foundation for basic sciences, especially Biochemistry.

Any words of wisdom?
Always keep the big picture in perspective. Like Dr. James would say, “Zoom out class!”