Many IAUCOM student organizations provide opportunities for students who come from different social and cultural backgrounds to have a place to gain practical skills in a safe environment. Students are encouraged to explore options for involvement in a broad array of organizations related to health and the practice of medicine, religion, ethnicity, nationality, professional focus, commitment to diversity and volunteerism.

Some of our IAUCOM’s¬†student organizations include,

This group serves as the interface between the student body and University administration, and proactively represents the student voice. SGA encourages students to express their concerns and ideas, promotes an environment of open discourse and academic excellence, and oversees the other student organizations.

The IAU chapter of AMSA was founded in 2006 and has more than 200 members. AMSA sponsors healthcare events and awareness for the community, gives its members the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and promotes active improvement in medical education.

AMWA is comprised of medical students and physicians dedicated to improving women’s health and the advancement of women in medicine.

ASA promotes culture and social awareness of African students amongst the entire student body and university faculty by working to facilitate better communication and understanding between African students and other members of the University community, while encouraging activities that portray the noble culture treasures of the African continent.

CSA is a student-run association that functions to help and support the Canadian students of IAU. They share and celebrate Canadian culture and holiday events like Canada Day & Thanksgiving with other students and give back to the local community of St. Lucia. CSA strongly encourages all IAUCOM students to join and experience Canadian culture and all it has to offer.

ISA is a student-run association that serves to provide an opportunity for all students of Indian origin to interact and share the joy of the culture and heritage of India, and to educate other students by raising awareness. ISA shares and celebrate holidays such as Diwali, Holi and India Independence Day with dance and music.

MSA brings together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures that share faith on Islamic customs and values and perform community based projects.

CSF shares the love, truth and purpose of Jesus Christ with Christian students on campus. CSF encourages Christians to evolve intellectually, physically and spiritually.