Overview of IAU College of Arts & Sciences: Pre-med Program

The faculty of the International American University College of Arts and Sciences developed a unique program to serve the needs of students, from varying backgrounds, interested in pursuing careers in medicine. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a boutique program with highly individualized instruction in courses that are required prerequisites for admission to the College of Medicine’s MD program. Enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences will better prepare students for success in the IAU College of Medicine.

The College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Medicine often share some faculty, facilities, and other resources enabling pre-medical students the opportunity to become familiar with the campus, faculty, learning resources, and island life before beginning the more challenging MD curriculum.

In addition, pre-medical students interact with successful medical students in the basic sciences, who provide supplemental instruction in premedical prerequisites and who also serve as lab assistants, peer advisors, and tutors.

Acceptance into the College of Medicine Program is guaranteed from the College of Arts and Sciences if the student successfully completes the Pre-med program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Combined Pre-Med/MD Program

The Combined Pre-Med/MD Program offers a foundation for Basic Sciences to accommodate students from different academic backgrounds prior to beginning the Doctor of Medicine Curriculum. Evaluation of an applicant’s prior educational background will determine eligibility and appropriate placement into the Pre-Med/MD program. Students in the combined program will complete four terms of undergraduate coursework (IAU College of Arts & Sciences Pre-Med Program) before beginning the MD curriculum.

Premed Curriculum

Physics I (5 Credits)
General Biology (5 Credits)
Inorganic Chemistry I (5 Credits)
English I (4 Credits)
College Algebra with Calculus (4 Credits)

Physics II (5 Credits)
Inorganic Chemistry II (5 Credits)
English II (4 Credits)
General Psychology (4 Credits)

Medical Informatics (5 Credits)
Organic Chemistry (5 Credits)
Biotechnology & Genetics (4 Credits)
Biostatics with Epidemiology (4 Credits)
Introduction to Microbiology (5 Credits)

Human Anatomy & Physiology (5 Credits)
Medical Biochemistry (5 Credits)
Introduction to Patient Doctoring (5 Credits)
Medical Terminology (5 Credits)
Cell Biology & Histology (5 Credits)