Welcome Message from the Former Prime Minister, Saint Lucia

Welcome to Saint Lucia, a place we call home. Going to medical school is a major  undertaking and life-changing experience. I congratulate you on having the courage to  pursue this very challenging and rigorous course leading to a career in a very  prestigious profession.

The world belongs to the brave and courageous among us – those who dare to go where no others have gone before- those who are willing to challenge conventional wisdom, upset the status quo- and bring about changes which qualitatively and quantitatively transform our lives. Many of the greatest inventions and scientific discoveries were achieved by individuals who dared to dream, explore, and challenge conventional thinking. I know that the young men and women who have enrolled in International American University are similarly inspired. The essence of a good education has always been, and will forever remain, the quest for truth and knowledge and the wisdom necessary to apply that knowledge and experience to serve your fellow men.

A good education is not a function of geography or locality but a function of aptitude, determination, dedication, and hard work. The decision to pursue a career in medicine could not have come at a more opportune but challenging time. The advent of new epidemics and pandemics are increasingly putting pressure on local and global health systems. Access to affordable health care is a key component of the basic human rights of individuals. Consequently, the delivery of quality health care is contingent on the availability of highly skilled and trained individuals.

The Government welcomes International American University students to Saint Lucia. To truly know Saint Lucia, you must experience it. In addition to exploring the online information about our island, I personally invite you to visit our beautiful beaches and impeccable facilities that will inspire you.

I extend to students a very special and warm Saint Lucia welcome. I have personally witnessed the growth of IAU from its humble beginnings in my home town of Vieux Fort to its present status as a true internationally recognized university. I must tell you that you should be very proud to be here. I hope that you truly make Saint Lucia your home for the duration of your stay here. I urge you to explore the physical and social landscape of the island and to sample the unique local culture. I invite you to share in the warmth and hospitality of our people and to build bonds of friendship that will transcend both space and time. I wish you every success in your studies. I hope your stay in Saint Lucia is truly memorable and your experiences rewarding. When it is all over and done with, I hope it can be said that you had a truly Saint Lucian education.

Dr. Kenneth Anthony
Former Prime Minister