IAU St. Lucia Partnership

The beautiful island of St. Lucia, located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, has become a home away from home for the IAU Family. IAU received its charter and approval from the government of Saint Lucia in 2003 and is now the location of the University Campus of IAU College of Medicine. In addition, The Department of Education and Department of Health of Saint Lucia approved the eligibility of IAU College of Medicine graduates to practice Medicine in Saint Lucia.

IAU Contributions to Healthcare in St. Lucia

IAU is dedicated to training future physicians from all over the world and also, just as importantly, to improving healthcare opportunities at home in Saint Lucia. IAU has worked alongside with the government, local hospitals, and trained physicians to run various community outreach programs, including educational Health Seminars, weekly free healthcare screenings, weekly clinics, CPR Training, Mass Casualty Triage Flight Crash Simulation, blood donation drives, health awareness medical camps to name a few.

IAU Contributions to Education in St. Lucia

Apart from healthcare, IAU continues to show their commitment to education in St. Lucia by offering special back-to school supplies, food and necessary clothing, for children in the local education system. In 2017, IAU worked alongside with the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP) project of the Central Planning Division and the Department of Telecommunications, Science and Technology, and ran a course in IT on the St. Lucia University Campus. The local natives who successfully completed the 9 months IT Courses, were all given a chance to be selected for a full time position in the University under the IT- Website Division. Saint Lucian natives who aspire to attend International medical University are eligible to get full scholarships to the MD Program in IAU.