Welcome to the IAUCOM Alumni Family!

We believe that it is a vital resource to enable our alumni to stay in contact with us as well as create a support system for our current students. Our goal is to build a network between our alumni and our current students. We plan to do this by:

  • Offering support and access to our alumni
  • Sponsoring academic programs and social gatherings
  • Providing our alumni with news and  upcoming events at the University

We want to create an interface where former classmates and current students have a place to network. We plan to do this by conducting events like “In Touch” where we will invite former students to campus for a weekend. We would also like to include mentorship for our current students. There are many ways of doing this, one being starting a scholarship fund for our current students, volunteering at our campus by teaching a few classes, or conducting special lectures. We also have different outreach programs that are held during the semester that the alumni can help with as well.