Student housing is available off-campus in apartments, duplexes, and houses. The  Enrollment Planning Office assigns and reserves housing for all new incoming students before the semester begins. Each student will be given the opportunity to list housing preferences on the Housing Application. The Enrollment Planning Office will make every effort to assign housing for students before arrival on the island to make the transition as smooth as possible. All students must submit the Housing Application in order to be assigned housing in advance.


It is recommended that students have a roommate during their first semester at IAU. When sharing an apartment, each student will have a private bedroom but may have to share a bathroom, living area, and kitchen. Students will be assigned to roommates according to living styles and compatibility based on the housing application. Students who wish to live without a roommate should apply early due to the limited availability of one bedroom apartments.

Location and Amenities

The University carefully selects housing in safe, quiet neighborhoods, located within a 5-10 minute drive from campus. Most apartments are located near other IAU student residences, often on the same street. All apartments come fully furnished including kitchen appliances, dishes, bed linens, washing machine, TV, and other necessities. All apartments have air-conditioning, cable, and internet (unless otherwise specified).


Water is an important commodity in Saint Lucia and is conserved as much as possible. All apartments come equipped with water heaters and water tanks. Tap water is considered safe to drink but water coolers and water bottles are also widely available for purchase.

There are two major internet companies in Saint Lucia: Lime and Karib Cable. Most apartments come equipped with internet connections ready for use. Students needing to set up internet connections in their apartments can do so through one of these companies after arrival in Saint Lucia.

Students may be responsible for the following amenities:

  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Water

Specific housing details will be provided to each student at the time of placement.