Clinical Clerkship Scheduling

The Clinical Services Office, will schedule clinical clerkships for students, or those who need more clinical experience and desire to do an Externship.

Clinical Clerkship Visa Assistance

The Office of Registrar will issue Enrollment Verification letters which will be used as a supplemental document for students during the visa/immigration Processing, during the clinical sciences MD Year 3 & 4.

Clinical Housing Assistance

The Office of Student Affairs will assist students to find affordable housing near the clinical campus and in easy distance to local shopping centers.

Preparation for Residency

The Office of Graduate & Alumni Affairs conducts various seminars and webinars online and on campus for students getting ready for MD Y3. Students are given the opportunity to plan ahead of time on how to prepare from Day 1 of Clinical Sciences for the Residency Match they will soon encounter.

Assistance in Residency Application

The Office of Graduate & Alumni Affairs assists students with various steps and documentation involved in applying for Residency. Students are offered “Mock-Interviews” and faculty advising by appointments and assistance on how to better their curriculum vitae, and personal essays.

Connect with a Senior

The Office of Graduate & Alumni Affairs can connect a student at any time during the course of their studies, if they wish to speak to another colleague, to get advice, or share any experience.

Connect with an Alumni

The Office of Graduate & Alumni Affairs arranges Alumni visits to the University Campus, Commencement, and to Clinical Campus Events to work with students, give inspiration and share a real one-on-one session with an IAUCOM success story. Students can also connect with Alumni through the Office of Graduate & Alumni Affairs.