Have you ever been invited to tell a story from your life? Which stories did you choose? Was it a story that reflected the person you’ve become or the journey you’ve traveled? In this blog post we wish to aid you in representing yourself and your story to this prospective medical school.

The AMCAS  (American Medical College Application Service) has a detailed list of personal requirements to better assist you: Click here The first may be a series of questions that depend on personal anecdotes. These inquiry could range from your personal life goals, to usable skills, or your motives for the current field of choice. Choose the questions based on which answers would best represent who you are and what you can bring to the collegiate table.

The adjunct question could be a single, open ended approach that allows for freedom of subject. For this essay, remember to capture your audience. Write from a point of concrete experience with the creativity that is given you. The best approach is to find your angle, and drive your vision home. Remember, you have worked for and desire a position: give your review panel a glimpse of your passion. To allude to your plethora of knowledge, give an account of your time: share your job experiences, extracurricular activities and community service projects. These collaborations will speak of dedication to your field. You should avoid savior complexes, statements of manifest destiny, and other vague manifestos. You can review sample statements here:.

The body of your statement should be concise and well written, therefore proofreading is key. Review your work before submission, and adhere to predefined guidelines; these steps will ensure a polished and professional appeal. Life is full of lessons and often brings you experiences to share with others. Your answers to the questions are valuable additions to your application. Your personal statement is your story: tell it well.