Congratulations! You have passed the harrowing exams, told your story well and now you are scheduled for an interview. As the process is nearing the finish line, assure to strive for excellence. The video interviews or in person interviews is an important step, and allows for a more personal representation of your application. We at IAU wish to bring you some fresh insight to ensure a successful Video interview by focusing on three key points: research, environment, and confidence.

The greatest piece of advice to offer any prospective student is research. Research your prospective school’s application process, study interview questions and answers, browse through sample interviews.

A well prepared interviewee creates a lasting impression and represents enthusiasm for the field. This list of sample questions may help you in preparing for your interview. Know your audience, and know your field.

For interviews that are conducted through video, ensure that your environment is quiet and free of interruptions. If you frequent busy places, set aside a time for placidity. When needed, alert family members of your interview and ask for some privacy, or search out a more peaceful locale. It is a serious time that should not be interrupted by disruptive environments. This courteous gesture may seem insignificant, but is vital in the communication process. Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the interview. This is a first impression and you want to look professional. You should be in business professional attire, make sure your shirt is ironed and you are well groomed for the occasion.    

You are a capable individual that desires a place at this university: represent yourself well.  Be concise and articulate: convey your ideas agreeably. The interviewer is looking for key elements in your time communicating, therefore ascertain complete thoughts. Do not panic: take time to gather your thoughts after each question. If necessary, write your possible answers down before the interview to maintain a streamlined process. Be confident in your answers, but not arrogant. You know what inspires you in this career decision, but avoid grandiose declarations.

This article gives great advice on attitude, and body language rules to follow in such interviews:

If you feel the need to prepare yourself further, there are resources available for mock interviews and coaching:

With the elements of research, environment and confidence combined, your interview is on a path to success. Congratulations on your achievements thus far, and go with confidence to the next step!