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The Office of Graduate and Alumni Affairs seeks to nurture lifelong relationships with and among current and future alumni. The Office offers programs of relevance and service to alumni, opportunities in volunteering and mentoring current students and creating support for the University. The Office of Graduate and Alumni Affairs is a platform where all members of University community can access the resources to better themselves, the University and their world. We hope that you will be an active alumni and we as an institution would be proud to support you in all your professional endeavors.

My name is Asha Nair and I am pleased to be serving as director of the Office of Alumni Affairs. It is my goal to position this office as the point of contact for former students. The Office of Alumni Affairs will provide assistance to all former students, answering any questions and providing guidance when needed. As our institution continues to develop, alumni as yourself validate our student centered approach to education. We sincerely hope you will reach out to us and continue to update us with many milestones that you achieve, both in personal and professional life.

We invite you to call us at +1 (972) 919-5135 to discuss how you can become involve as an alumni.

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We believe it is a vital resource to enable our alumni to stay in contact with us as well as create a support system and build a network between alumni and current students. The Office will offer support and access to our alumni, sponsor academic programs, planned social gatherings and provide the latest in University news and information.

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