• Tuition, fees, and insurance are billed 6-8 weeks prior to each new semester.
  • NEW STUDENTS should check their personal email inboxes
  • CONTINUING STUDENTS should check their University email inboxes
  • Domestic Wire transfer
  • International Funds Transfer
  • Certified bank check
  • Personal check
  • ACH/Electronic check
  • No payments by credit/debit card
  • No payments via cash
  • More information available on student portal

Students who withdraw or fail to return from a leave of absence, are dismissed, or otherwise fail to complete the payment period (term) for which they were charged, will receive a refund of University charges (tuition and other institutional charges) based on a pro rata calculation. The pro rata refund is determined by the student’s effective date of separation (withdrawal date) as determined by the University Registrar. All refunds will need up to 45 days from the time the refund is approved by the school.

Tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • Prior to the first day of class, 100% of University charges will be refunded with the exception of $100.00 (USD) non-refundable application fee and the $1000.00 (USD) non-refundable seat deposit.
  • During the first 60% of the term, the refund of University charges will be pro-rated based on the withdrawal date.
  • After completion of 60% of the term, there are no refunds of University charges.

1. Tuition and fees must be paid in full according to the payment schedule listed on the invoice which is sent to the student’s University email account.

  • A convenience fee of 1.9% will be assessed on all Visa/Mastercard/Discover card charges. We do not accept American Express.
  • Wiring fee charges will be assessed in the amount of $15 for all Domestic Wires and $25 for all International Wires
  • Late payment fees will also be assessed to a student’s account if payment is not received by the deadline.

2. Tuition not received by the due date will result in a financial hold placed on the student’s account. The student will not be able to do the following until all financial holds are cleared:

  • Sit for exams
  • View grades/ score reports
  • Receive unofficial or official transcripts
  • Receive letters of enrollment verification
  • Receive letters of good standing
  • Graduate

3. A $100 late fee will be assessed the first day tuition payment is late, and escalating late fees of $20 per day will continue to be assessed until tuition payment has been made. Late fees will not be waived solely because the student was not aware of the payment deadlines, did not receive a bill, registered late, or was otherwise not available to make payment. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are in good financial standing.

Important note for clinical sciences students: Any student who cancels or changes a clinical clerkship for any reason once it is already scheduled will be assessed a fee of $500.00 (USD) per week of the clerkship.