We understand that preparing for a medical school interview can be nerve-wrecking. Below we have provided you with an insider on what to expect from your Admissions interview at IAU! Please review the following information to assist you in preparing:

  • Problem-solving skills: Throughout your interview you will be asked questions which can help the committee understand the way in which you approach decision-making. They will insure that you are careful in problem-solving, that you are attentive to detail, that you are able to be flexible, that you are tolerant of cultural differences, and that you can accept the right of someone to have an opinion that differs from your own. The questions asked in order to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities will generally be quite innocent, such as “Tell me about your hobbies.” Or, “Why did you choose to attend the IAU College of Medicine?” When asked a question around a complex issue, do not simply answer “yes” or “no” but give the interviewer insight into how you have arrived at that decision.
  • Commitment: You must convince the interviewer that you have made a mature, well-informed decision to pursue your career in medicine. You must demonstrate an understanding of the demands and realities of a life in that profession and of your emotional, intellectual and physical ability to meet these challenges.
  • Interpersonal skills: You must demonstrate throughout the interview day the interpersonal skills needed to be successful in the practice. Strong communication skills, awareness of the needs of others, and the compassion to respond to those needs must be evidenced.
  • Academic readiness: The admissions committee will need to be assured that you will be successful in the schools curriculum. If there are questions which rise from your academic record, be prepared to answer them openly and honestly.
  • Why IAU? Interviewers are aware that you have several options when it comes to foreign medical education and is always interested to know why you wish to attend our school in particular and may ask to describe your reasons for choosing IAU and what you will bring to the college of medicine.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Dallas office at 972-969-7900