Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the University to prospective students and are available to answer questions about student life, housing, classes and St. Lucia. Feel free to contact any of our Student Ambassadors by email. If you would prefer to contact a specific Ambassador please specify their name in your email subject line. Kindly refrain from sending the same message to more than one student ambassador.

Nana Bonsu

5th Semester Student

Welland Ontario, Canada

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Nana Bonsu)

Ifeoma Oriala

6th Semester Student

Huntsville, Texas

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Ifeoma Oriala)

Rovin Saxena

5th Semester Student

Livonia, MI

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Rovin Saxena )

Tharaga Kugathasan

5th Semester Student

Ontario, Canada

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Tharaga Kugathasan)

Brandon Anderson

5th Semester Student

Rexburg, Idaho

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Brandon Anderson)

Priyank Desai

4th Semester Student

Concord, North Carolina

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Priyank Desai)

Alimath Daouda

4th Semester Student

Greensboro, North Carolina

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Alimath Daouda)

Aaron Choi

3rd Semester Student

Rome, Georgia

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line: Aaron Choi)

Osondu Akandu

4th Semester Student

Addison, Texas

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line:Osondu Akandu)

Okpala Johnbosco

3rd Semester Student

Houston, Texas

sa@iau.edu.lc (Subject line:Okpala Johnbosco)

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is responsible for many of the events and activities that are planned for the student body. SGA officers work closely with the Dean of Student Affairs to help coordinate and plan events throughout the semester. These events include: Hoop it Up Basketball Tournament and Health Screening, IAU Blood Drive, Multicultural Dinner, Fashion Show, Welcome Dinner for new students, and various trips around St. Lucia. For more information please visit the SGA website.

Canadian Students Association

The Canadian Students Association helps ease the transitions when moving to the island of St. Lucia as well as back to North America for clinical rotations. We are here to help incoming students overcome challenges such as staying away from family and friends as you begin one of the most fulfilling journeys of your lifetime. CSA organizes numermous events through out the year including Canada Day, Beach parties, Canadian Thanksgiving and a Halloween Party. For more Information please visit the CSA website


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