Applying to any University is a daunting task, but what about applying to a medical school? How can anyone survive such a rigorous and meddlesome process?

Don’t worry, the IAU Advantage has you covered. According to our Director of Applicant Services, Ismael Vargas, the first step is to carefully read and review IAU’s admissions page. IAU features our admissions requirements and processes prominently on our website to raise awareness about our programs and our unique approach to medical education.

The second step is to request your official transcripts and any letters of recommendation be sent in advance, even before your application is complete. By requesting advanced copies of your official information, this speeds up the admissions process and can lead the applicant to the next step in the process; the admissions interview.

Next, be prepared for your interview. As a future medical professional, dressing the part shows committee members or admissions staff that you’re serious about your medical education. Showing up on time and being punctual displays your level of maturity and readiness to learn.

When the time comes, be ready when you’re asked, “Why medicine, why here?” Be confident in your answers. Make sure you’re aware and truthful of what is in your application, personal statement and transcripts. You will be asked about certain periods of study at your undergraduate school. Being able to admit to any shortcomings assures the committee and admissions staff you’re ready to become the best doctor you can be.

Our admissions and enrollment planning staff recommend making contact with applications coordinator and other staff members. It opens the lines of communications between applicant and admissions staff, and makes the process a more transparent and easy-to-understand process.

Take the IAU advantage and visit our admissions page or contact a member of admissions at


Office of Admissions and Enrollment Planning