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 Tuesday, May 14 , 2019

 9:00 AM & 12:00 PM, Central Time

Webinar   Online


Pre-Health Advisors are our main advocates at our school. Offering career counseling to our prospective students, advisors help shape and broaden career choices for college-bound students. IAU maintains close bonds with advisors and counselors who work directly with our prospective Caribbean medical school students. We want advisors to be confident that the information they provide about IAU is accurate, thorough and current.

The Advisor Campus Visit Program (ACVP) allows advisors to visit our campus, meet our faculty and students, and learn why it’s an excellent option for their students. Advisors also have an opportunity to shadow classes and tour the campus facilities, including the residence hall facilities, classrooms, labs, and student life offices.
To learn more about ACVP, please contact our Office of Enrollment Planning at