IAUCOM, is the perfect choice for Indian students with a passion for medicine. Many Indian alumni are currently in residency or practicing throughout the United States and Canada.

Program Breakdown

Premed Program

The Pre-Med program offers a foundation for basic medicine to accommodate students from different academic backgrounds prior to beginning the Doctor of Medicine curriculum. Students will complete four semester of undergraduate coursework before beginning the M.D. curriculum

MD Program

MD program comprise of Basic Sciences coursework taken in St Lucia campus and Clinical Science course work taken at Teaching hospitals in USA. The program will help you acquire the necessary scientific foundation for your future work as a doctor. You will learn the principles for searching for new knowledge and research results in a critical and analytical fashion. And you will have ample opportunity to demonstrate your learning in this respect. You will begin to train and improve skills that will enable you to develop professionally as a doctor. Our program is unique, because theory and practice are combined in patient-oriented types of examination at the end of each course module.