As a teenager in Ghana, I could only dream of becoming a doctor and bringing healing to the sick. I imagined a world where doctors would be able to provide healthcare to the most vulnerable communities without fail. My undergraduate education at Mount Aloysius College provided me with opportunities to engage in community outreaches, that solidified my interest to serve and further confirmed my vision to pursue a career as a physician. Getting admitted into International American University was instrumental in making my childhood dream a reality.

My experience was not only challenging but also adventurous and rewarding. I was privileged to learn from some of the most dedicated, and selfless doctors who never held back in imparting knowledge, opening their doors to satisfy my curiosity and giving me something that can never be taken away from me; a world class education on a beautiful island. I am now well-equipped and poised to take on the world and bring healing. I am thankful for the excellent training I received and the continuous support from IAU. To current students; nothing worth achieving comes easy but it’s certainly possible. Identify your goals, develop a plan, work towards it and make use of any and every opportunity provided to you.


Dr. Lara Farouk Appiah

General Surgery- Brandon Regional Hospital