Prof. James Villanueva is the recepient of the DuPont – National Academy of Science and Technology Young Scientist Award in 2003 and has been teaching Medical Biochemistry, Genetics and Nutrition at IAU since 2005. He received the IAU Faculty of the Year Award in 2006 and was appointed as the Dean of Student Affairs in 2007 and elected Chairman of the Admissions Committee in 2008.  Dr. Vilanueva’s research interests include protein folding/misfolding, protein spectroscopy, development of immunoliposomes and biodesulfurization. He has completed Post Doctoral research work at Notre Dame University in Indiana; The Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University, Japan and Bari University, Italy. Over the years, Dr. Villaneuva has consistently made outstanding contribution to student success in NBME Shelf exams and is closely associated with the university student community as the Faculty Advisor to the Student Government Association (SGA). Dr Villaneuva was promoted to full Professor of Biochemistry, Genetics and Nutrition in September of 2011 and then as the Dean of Basic Sciences in 2014, he continues to inspire and be inspired by academia.