Island Breeze

Island Breeze is located in downtown Vieux Fort. Island Breeze is a bar and grill that offers American and Caribbean cuisines, as well as sandwiches. One can expect the setting and food here to be very casual. Diners are welcome to come by to enjoy both dinner and lunch, so give it a try.

Lower Commercial Street, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia.

Old Plantation Yard offers a delicious Creole dinner buffer, full of freshly made dishes that you can keep going back up for more. With one price to eat, this is a perfect way to try new things that you would normally be uncomfortable paying for. The other meals include a la carte meals that are cooked in traditional coal pots, authentic to tradition. Old Plantation Yard serves Caribbean cuisine that’s so delightful many who pass through their doors return again and again. Expect meals that smell and look as beautiful as they taste, especially since this restaurant provides a fine dining experience. This location serves food for dinner only, so plan ahead to catch their brief service.


Piaye Beach, Choiseul, St. Lucia It’s a bar and grill they serve Caribbean and Vegetarian Friendly.

Dasheene at Laders

Dasheene is a great place to eat. The view from the bar is out of this world they serve a variety of Caribbean, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan, Gluten Free Option is also available.

Shernelle’s Pizza Parlor

Shernell’s Pizza Parlor is located in the heart of downtown Vieux Fort. Shernell’s Pizza Parlor specializes in pizza with Italian twists.


Fast-food chain know for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides. It is located in Vieux fort.

The Orbit Restaurant & Bar

Location commercial street Garvey Street Vieux Fort St. Lucia. Incredibly welcoming! They serve a variety of Caribbean, American, Vegetarian and Vegan foods. Amazing local food excellent service, price are very honest ($ 40 EC/person) for a full meal with a lot of high quality and taste.


Fast-Food chain known for its buckets of pizza, cakes, fried chicken, plus wings & sides. It is located in Vieux Fort.

This Reef Beach Cafe

This restaurant is part of Sandy Beach, which is located along the eastern outskirts of Vieux Fort. With a selection of quick and tasty items like hamburgers, salads, and some seafood entrees, the Reef Beach Restaurant is good for the entire family. The Reef Beach Cafe is a bar and grill that offers creole and International cuisines, as well as hamburgers. The formality of the menu and service to expect from this restaurant is very casual. This eatery is open for both dinner and lunch, so make time to try it.