IAU is chartered by the government of St. Lucia. We are approved by ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India), a member of ACW (Association of Commonwealth Universities), and recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Housing is all off-campus, but near the. All housing is “apartment-style” and fully furnished (including bed linens, appliances, dishware). Students can choose to live alone or with roommates. The cost ranges between $325-$450 USD per student in shared units and ranges from $500-$600 USD for single apartments. Students are also required to pay utilities and food separately from the rent cost and this ranges from $200-$300 USD per month on average.

There is one major supermarket chain in the area, which is Massy. There is a location next to the campus and another closer to the housing units. They are stocked with produce, fresh and frozen meats, and non-perishables. Downtown Vieux Fort also has many clothing and shoe stores that offer affordable options, which accept credit/debit cards as well as local currency.

The currency in St. Lucia is Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC or XCD). The conversion rate is 2.67 EC – 1 USD. Anyone can exchange US Dollars to EC at one of the banks in Vieux Fort, such as Scotia Bank and you may use your ATM Card to withdraw Eastern Caribbean Dollars from any ATM in St. Lucia. We encourage students to open a local bank account in St. Lucia. IAU can issue a letter of support for students to take to the bank and they will be permitted to create an account.

International American University owns a large shuttle bus that takes students from their assigned housing to the school each day and returns them to their assigned housing in the afternoon. St. Lucia also has affordable local bus service and taxi services.

The U.S. State Department has no current warnings about safety concerns in St. Lucia. Our campus has an on-site security guard during hours of operations and there is a police station next to the campus.

Our campus and all assigned student housing are equipped with high speed internet. The connectivity in St. Lucia is strong and can be compared with speeds found in The United States.

St. Lucia is characterized as having a tropical climate. It is warm/hot all year long and temperatures do not ordinarily drop below 60 Degrees Fahrenheit (16 Degrees Celsius). The highest rainfall is typically from July-October and there have been no recent threats of hurricanes.

Our terms are from January – April, May – August, and September – December. You will have two week breaks after the January term and the May term and a three week break between the September and January terms. This means there are 7 weeks of vacation during the year. Please note, there are no scheduled breaks during the last two years of the M.D. Program (Clinical Rotations).

Students are permitted to have family live with them in St. Lucia if they choose. Family members are also welcome to visit while school is in session. If family members require a visa prior to travel, the Office of Student Services can assist. If students plan to have family members, such as spouses or children, live with them during their study, the Office of Student Service can arrange for larger housing units at a higher cost than the amounts quoted above.