Conductors of Interactive Learning (COIL)

The ”Conductors of Interactive Learning” (COIL) Program was developed to help transform traditional expert medical educators into adaptive experts of student-centered interactive learning in large groups.

CORE Standards

These are the key versions of the standards that are used both for professional development and peer/self rating after you become familiar with their broader meaning (explained in the expanded version of each standard).

Expanded Standards

These EXPANDED versions of each standard describe 3 foundational components (C1, C2, C3). They are used both to train faculty to the COIL skills and for peer & self assessment through direct observation, using the Hybrid Rating Scale .

Rating Instrument

This instrument, which is a hybrid of the Visual Analog Scale and a 4 point Likert Scale, is used to rate the COIL skills via the Anchor Statements and as defined by the Standards. Its use is described in a separate document.

Professional Development