Technical Standards

Each student must possess certain abilities and skills to be enrolled in and to graduate from IAU College of Medicine. Admission is a holistic process based on a student’s application, supporting documents, personal interview, and ability to meet IAU’s technical standards with or without reasonable accommodation. Our technical standards include attributes that are necessary to successfully complete a rigorous medical education program and ultimately, to provide quality medical care.

Observation Skills: Students must have the ability to observe didactic presentations, demonstrations, and laboratory activities in the basic and clinical sciences. Students should have the ability to observe patients and assess findings. Observation includes the use of vision, hearing and touch.

Communication Skills: Students must be able to communicate effectively with the faculty, patients and their friends/families, and other healthcare professionals. Communication includes speaking, hearing, reading and writing. Students must be able to interpret written records and document information accurately.

Motor Function: Students must be ableto perform clinical activities including examination, diagnostics and treatment methods. Motor function encompasses physical ability, coordination of gross and fine motor skills, and equilibrium.

Cognition: Students must have the cognitive abilities sufficient to process the information provided during the basic and clinical sciences curriculum. Students must possess intellectual, conceptual, integrative and quantitative abilities. Students must be able to perform measurements, calculations,
reasoning, analysis and synthesis. Students must be able to solve complex problems in a timely manner under stress and in diverse settings.

Behavioral and Social Attributes: Students must demonstrate maturity and emotional stability to allow for full use of all intellectual abilities, reliable and timely decision making, and effective relationships with patients and their families, and other healthcare professionals. Students must be able to work effectively under high levels of stress, changing work environments, and the uncertainties of healthcare. Students must have an understanding of and abide by legal and ethical standards in regards to healthcare. Students must be able to work as part of a team and possess integrity, empathy, and the
interpersonal skills necessary for medical practice.

Reasonable Accommodation: IAU College of Medicine does not discriminate against qualified applicants with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations are those that will allow each student to function independently and do not lower academic standards or require modification to the academic program.