Since International American University was first established in 2003, it has become one of the oldest continuously operating institutions in Saint Lucia. In 2014, the University commissioned Brian J. Denges of Chicago, Illinois to design the official University seal. The seal is a visual symbol of IAU, an international institution with commitment to hard work, academic rigor, and most importantly, the people and land of Saint Lucia.

The design of thseale seal includes a green color escutcheon within the inner circle decorated with a bamboo leaf wreath. The escutcheon draws on the historic relationship of the Island of Saint Lucia to the British Commonwealth while signifying the University’s official color, green. The escutcheon is amplified by the inclusion of the picturesque Pitons of Saint Lucia. The iconic Gross Piton and the Pettit Piton are separated by the sun to highlight the island’s geographical location in the Caribbean. The scenic pitons are complimented by the lines that signify the Caribbean Sea and emphasize the University’s partnership with the nation of Saint Lucia.

The book at the base of the escutcheon represents the University’s commitment to teaching and learning and its dictum “Cum Perseverantia Vincere Cratibus” means “With Perseverance Overcome Hurdles” in Latin. This dictum reflects the University’s mission to help students overcome academic and personal hurdles to become highly dedicated and accomplished graduates of the University.

The chief row of the escutcheon includes eleven white fleur-de-lis with five fleur-de-lis on dexter and sinister sides, and one at the chief point. Each fleur-de-lis represents the original eleven quarters of Saint Lucia, established during the island’s French occupation. The fleur-de-lis at the chief point represents the location of the University’s quarter, Vieux Fort.

The outer circle is inscribed with the University name and the year the University was founded in Latin.