International American University offers a U.S. styled curriculum at a competitive tuition which is half that of a U.S. medical school and much lower than other Caribbean medical schools. We are committed in helping you obtain your MD degree without the financial burden.


Tuition and fees for International American University are as follows:


MD Program Basic Science Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-4):$7,500
MD Program Clinical Sciences Tuition per Semester (Semesters 5-10):$12,500
Pre-Medical Program Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-4)$6,000

Exam Fee per Semester (Pre-Medical/ MD Program Basic Science Semesters 1-4)$100/200
Library Fee per Semester (Pre-Medical /MD Program Basic Science Semesters 1-4)$50
Lab Fee per Semester (MD Program Basic Sciences Semesters 1-4):$100
SGA Fee per Semester (Pre-Medical /MD Program Basic Science Semesters 1-4)$25
Clinical Fee per Semester (MD Program Basic Sciences Semesters 1-4)$100
Transportation Fee per Semester (Pre-Medical /MD Program Basic Science Semesters 1-4):$160
Student Services Fee (one-time fees only for entering semester ):$150
Malpractice Insurance per Semester (MD Program Clinical Sciences Semesters 5-10)$500
NBME Shelf Exam Fees per Semester (MD Program Clinical Sciences Semesters 6-8)$250

*Tuition and fees are subject to change


Estimated expenses may vary from student to student and is dependent on individual needs and spending habits. Students are encouraged to be responsible and budget accordingly.

Estimated Housing Cost 
Single Room/Sharing Apartment with two or more rooms$300-375/month
Single Apartment$450-550/month

Food & Entertainment  
Estimated food and entertainment expense$300/month

Books and supplies 
Books and supplies Expenses$500/semester


Student Health Insurance

Students are required to carry health insurance coverage for the duration of their medical school program. Proof of coverage is necessary upon matriculation and is required by hospitals prior to students beginning clinical rotations.

Your purchased or current insurance policy should cover the cost of medical evacuation to a nearby facility for emergency care in the event it cannot be handled on the island.

Students interested in low cost health insurance while on the island are encouraged to contact GTM Group of Insurance Companies. GTM has an office located downtown Vieux Fort, minutes’ walk away from campus. They can be reached at 758-454-6584 or 758-453-6723.

IAU will purchase health insurance from GTM on your behalf and bill it to your student account if you do not acquire it or show proof of comparable coverage.