Having many student organizations, IAU provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved. Student organizations have a significant impact in providing effective learning environments for students, preparing them to live in a multicultural society and work in a global community.

In addition to building lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including serving as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, and community service. Moreover, research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers.

Student Organizations

  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
  • Canadian Student Association (CSA)
  • African Student Association (ASA)
  • Christian Student Association
  • Hindu Student Association
  • Muslim Student Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is responsible for many of the events and activities that are planned for the student body. SGA officers work closely with the Dean of Student Affairs to help coordinate and plan events throughout the semester. These events include: Hoop it Up Basketball Tournament and Health Screening, IAU Blood Drive, Multicultural Dinner, Fashion Show, Welcome Dinner for new students, and various trips around Saint Lucia. For more information please visit the SGA website.

Canadian Students Association

The Canadian Students Association helps ease the transition when moving to the island of Saint Lucia as well as back to North America for clinical rotations. We are here to help incoming students overcome challenges such as staying away from family and friends as you begin one of the most fulfilling journeys of your lifetime. CSA organizes numerous events through out the year including Canada Day, Beach parties, Canadian Thanksgiving, and a Halloween Party.