Financial Information

Tuition effective January 2011

Semesters 1 – 4 (St Lucia)


$6000.00 Per Semester

Exam Fee

$100 Per Course

Lab Fees

$100 Per Semester

Library Fees

$50 Per Semester

SGA Fees

$25 Per Semester

Student Services Fee

$150 One time Fee

Semester 5 (Chicago IL)


$9000.00 Per Semester

Medical Liability Insurance

$1000.00 Per Year

Semester 6 – 10 (US Teaching Hospitals)


$9500.00 Per semester

Medical Liability Insurance

$1250.00 Per year

Refunds and Deferment of Admissions: Please refer Student Handbook for information on refund policy. Deferment of admissions may be permitted on a case by case basis upon full payment of semester tuition. Students deferring admissions are not eligible for refund, beyond two (2) semesters; inclusive of the original semester of acceptance.

Late Fee of $100 will be charged if tuition payment is not received by the due date as per the invoice. Students will not be registered for classes unless tuition is paid. Please see academic calendar for tuition due dates for upcoming semesters.

Health Insurance of $125 per semester is mandatory unless proof of coverage is provided at registration.

Clinical attire consisting of lab jackets, scrubs, dissection and patient examination kits are a one-time expense of approximately $500.

Seat deposit of $1000, which is applied towards tuition, is due within 2 weekss upon receipt of the letter of acceptance from the Director of Admissions. Please note that the seat deposit is nonrefundable.

Housing deposit of $500 must be paid upon acceptance for students seeking to reserve off campus housing through the university. Please note that the housing deposit is nonrefundable.

Payment Options

Our Finance Department offers monthly payment options to help students with tuition payment.  There is a $150.00 installment fee and the semester tuition is divided into 4 equal monthly payments.  We require post dated checks or a credit card on file so that payments can be automatically deducted every month. The first installment must be received on or before the due date indicated in the academic calendar. Please click here to access the Tuition and Fees payment deadline or please contact us at 1-888-440-4474 or email


For detailed information on tuition, fees and other living expenses please click here