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Twenty-five medical students began their journey into the medical profession on Friday, 4 September 2015, when they were formally enrolled during International American...

Twenty-five medical students began their journey into the medical profession on Friday, 4 September 2015, when they were formally enrolled during International American University’s 30th White Coat Ceremony.

Students received their white coats, stethoscopes and recited the Hippocratic Oath, stating, “I publicly acknowledge and accept the privileges and responsibilities given to me as physicians in training and dedicate myself to prove care to those in need.”

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Leonard Surage, International Fellow of the American of Otolarynology/ Head and Neck Surgery (AAO/HNS), urged students to strive for high standards and to remain focused on the task ahead.

“Embrace the changes and live the changes. Be self-critical and identify your weaknesses and correct them,” he said.

Surage offered advice to students, saying they can become successful physicians by winning their patients trust. He also added building such trust is important in terms of understanding patients’ feelings.

“Adhere to the ethics of the profession. Be patient, tolerant and respectful to your patients.”

Surage emphasized the importance of developing good communication skills and being a good listener when dealing with patients.

“Listen to what is said and what is not said. Look at their body language, pay attention to their facial expressions and listen to their tone of voice.”

Dr. Dhruva Kumar Revanoor, professor of anatomy, International American University, explained the significance and history of the white coat saying black coats were originally used to dissect cadavers as a sign of respect for the dead. However, white coats later became the preferred color because it symbolizes cleanliness, purity and righteousness.

“White coats have been the most prominent symbol of the physician since the development of aseptic surgery in the U.S. White coats were worn in an effort to prevent patients and physicians from contaminating each other,” he explained.

According to Revanoor, the white coat was developed by Dr. Arnold P. Gold Foundation whose mission is to bring a more humanistic focus to medicine. He commended students for choosing IAU, citing the quality of the University’s curriculum and combined faculty knowledge.

“IAU is a step in professional development that would bring out the best qualities in you as physicians when you graduate,” he said.

Samson Tokura, IAU student, urged students to work hard and not be daunted by the challenges that lie ahead.

“Try to be a better person every day. Work hard and don’t give up. Hard work pays off,” he said.

Tokura asked students to have confidence and trust in their professors, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mr. Sibi Gopalakrishnan, IAU public relations officer, said the school has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and has a very bright future in St Lucia.

Dean’s Award for Excellence recipients were also recognized during the ceremony.

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