The beautiful island of Saint Lucia is located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. Governance of Saint Lucia alternated between French and British rule 14 times before Saint Lucia gained its independence in 1979. Mostly known as a tourist destination, the island provides a 238 square mile tropical escape including beaches, rainforests, and one of the most mountainous terrains in the Caribbean region. Many have heard of the Pitons, but Mount Gimie is the highest peak reaching just over 3,000 feet above sea level. Saint Lucia is home to a thriving community of over 182,000 residents. Although tourism is the largest industry, agriculture, banking, and light manufacturing are important to the economy as well.

With all Saint Lucia has to offer, IAU is proud to be able to call this island home. IAU received its charter and approval from the government of Saint Lucia in 2003. In addition, The Department of Education and Department of Health of Saint Lucia approved the eligibility of IAU College of Medicine graduates to practice medicine in Saint Lucia.

IAU is dedicated to training future physicians from all over the world and also, just as importantly, to improving healthcare opportunities at home in Saint Lucia. IAU’s community outreach includes health seminars, weekly clinics, free screenings, CPR training, and full scholarships to eligible Saint Lucian students. IAU also organizes fundraisers to address community needs and assist local charities. The IAU commitment to Saint Lucia spans beyond healthcare as well. In times of need like situations involving severe weather systems, IAU has provided lunches, clothing, and other assistance to help residents through a tough time. In 2014, IAU was recognized for these efforts with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award presented by the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce.

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