Office of the President

Welcome to the Interna1_Manmadhantional American University – College of medicine (IAUCOM). IAU has a distinguished history of providing quality medical education to students of many cultures and ethnicities. Our commitment is to create a congenial environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus. We believe that education is a dynamic process, which prepares students to be life-long learners. Our main focus is to train future physicians who seek knowledge that is fundamental to the treatment and prevention of disease. Our success is a result of a collective team effort by our faculty, students, parents, and the Saint Lucian community.

Our mission is to produce well-trained physicians of character, by developing leaders in medicine through innovative teaching methods and extensive community outreach programs. Our training emphasizes strong medical and professional ethics in our students.

IAU – College of Arts & Science is an excellent opportunity for national and international students to accelerate their medical education. Four semesters of pre-medical program has made remarkable progress since its inception. This program is helping us build a strong foundation for compassionate and considerate future physicians.

IAU has seen tremendous growth since its establishment in 2003, striving to become a prominent community partner to the people of Saint Lucia. The Student Run Clinic that caters to the local population of Saint Lucia and the Academy of International Medical Scholars are both new initiatives that bring a unique experience to our students. The University has made many fruitful partnerships with various teaching hospitals and academic institutions to ensure a diverse and robust academic program offering to its students.

I am very pleased and delighted to welcome you to International American University.


Manmadhan Nair