Q&A with the New SGA President

With the January 2017 semester in full swing and a new SGA President elected, we asked Mayuri Patel to discuss her new role and expectations. IAU: Why did you select the field of medicine? Mayuri: I like to learn about the human body and how it functions daily! And thus I chose medicine as it […]

By IAU | Student Life

IAU Student Success Story, Jesus Medina

Jesus Medina, an IAU Medical student and founder of IFMSA Saint Lucia, leads strategic planning for international representation and medical research collaboration. Jesus E. Medina, a second-year medical student from the International American University (IAU) College of Medicine has been improving the culture of health in Saint Lucia. Mr. Medina currently holds the position of […]


Meet Dr. Glen Oriaifo, First IAU Graduate to Secure Licensure in Nigeria

Dr. Glen Oriaifo- First IAU Graduate to Secure Licensure in Nigeria. Dr. Oriaifo is currently doing his psychiatry residency at Carilion Clinic- Virginia Tech School of Medicine. He is also the first IAU graduate to get licensed in Nigeria! We asked Dr. Oriaifo to share in his own words, his reason for choosing IAU and […]


Meet Dave Verkh who recently published an article in the European Medical Journal

Dave Verkh is a second-year medical student at International American University College of Medicine and is a glowing example of the type of student pursuing their medical education at IAU. He recently wrote an article which was published in the European Medical Journal. We asked Dave to provide us some insight into his article and […]


Study tips from a graduate

Dr. Rovin Saxena, Resident Physician at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital and Alumni Association President at the International American University (IAU), shared five study tips which can help medical students obtain high scores on the boards. Prepare for the lecture beforehand The night before lecture, skim through the chapter, read the first sentences and last sentences of […]


Meet Nisarg Patel, a recent graduate with an unyielding thirst for knowledge and an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit.

An embodiment of the University’s mission and vision, Nisarg Patel is a shining example of the caliber of student being educated at IAU.Dedicated to his education and his success, Dr. Patel began to envision and develop BoardBullets..


Meet Gul Jabbar recipient of aspiring legends award.

The Living Legends Awards for Service to Humanity began in 2006 by Doreen A. K. Hines and her ministry team, while serving as Minister of Music, at the Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ashton, MD. In 2015, after 10 years of phenomenal growth, The Living Legends Awards for Service to Humanity program..


Meet Jesus Medina, Student Recognized by Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA)

Jesus E. Medina, a second-year medical student at International American University College of Medicine, represented all Saint Lucian medical students in front of more than 150 practicing physicians and was recognized as the first medical student ever to give a presentation..


Conductor Of Interactive Learning” (COIL) Program

The “Conductor Of Interactive Learning” (COIL) Program, designed by 2 of our deans, helps develop the Skills and Effectiveness of faculty to engage large groups of students interactively. COIL promotes higher-order- learning and evidence-based- medicine through self-directed- learning that also motivates life-long- learning.


The Health Benefits of “Catching them all”

Released in July 2016, Pokemon Go is now one of most popular downloaded apps. The premise of the game is to catch Pocket Monsters or Pokemon. Once a player creates their avatar, the game, using the mobile device’s GPS, will display the players current location.



Problem-based learning and clinical exposure during the basic sciences increases mastery of complex subjects and prepares students for the clinical sciences.


Strong support services and a 5:1 student to faculty ratio both ensure personalized attention from the start of the application to beyond graduation.


Basic sciences examinations, a required USMLE board review course, and comprehensive examinations all lead towards success on USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS..


A medical curriculum based on US standards, small class sizes, personalized student support, and a dedicated faculty are all provided at an affordable cost.

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